Sunday, February 03, 2008

America the over-posted

I just realised, going over my posts as i surveyed my latest one in its rightful place on my blog, i talk alot about america/ns dont i? Haha i either pay them out, express my bemusement at their culture, my frustation at their spelling and imperial system (yeah the imperial system gets its first complaint today, it sucks!) or hint subtley that Australia is just better (in my completely unbiased opinion anyway). Hereafter i will try to bore you less about america and vent my mingled fascination and dislike of the country somewhere else. Just be thankful i'm cutting it out of my blog (or attempting . . . it'll take alot of my material though).
[EDITOR"S NOTE] Actually, there is one good thing about the imperial system. The names of the lengths of measurements are usually better for inclusion in: desriptive things, stories, poems etc.

One must presume i don't have much on my mind today

Things are beginning to get a bit stale aorund here but i've been busy. Had a birthday wednesday, out the whole day thrusday at jamberoo (whre you controlt he action), slept over at my friend's that night, got a new tooth friday, then got my l's that afternoon, drove for an hour and a half yesterday ad had chruch for four and a half hours today. Plus i've been reading as much as i can and playing with my new phone so really i havn't had much time to blog!
I do love Relient K's "Mhmm" . . . . fabulous album.
So tomorrow i start senior school, looking forward to half of that. No i'd say three quaters. Seeing my friends everyday and what i'll be learning but just . . . it's school ye know?
Anyone else as interested in etymology as i am?