Sunday, February 03, 2008

One must presume i don't have much on my mind today

Things are beginning to get a bit stale aorund here but i've been busy. Had a birthday wednesday, out the whole day thrusday at jamberoo (whre you controlt he action), slept over at my friend's that night, got a new tooth friday, then got my l's that afternoon, drove for an hour and a half yesterday ad had chruch for four and a half hours today. Plus i've been reading as much as i can and playing with my new phone so really i havn't had much time to blog!
I do love Relient K's "Mhmm" . . . . fabulous album.
So tomorrow i start senior school, looking forward to half of that. No i'd say three quaters. Seeing my friends everyday and what i'll be learning but just . . . it's school ye know?
Anyone else as interested in etymology as i am?

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sejtraav said...

did u get ur denture thing? iS it cooool? Was the L's test hard? i get mine soon!
I havent blogged for a while too - not sure what to say lol. school tomorrow...
go etymology! lol
seeya 2morrow