Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Train of Thought

IT was a lovely day for a ride through the field of thoughts, the train speeding through the countryside. Beautiful scenery was a blur through the windows and thoughts swirled around the train, bouncing off each other, new ones appearing at every bend. It was a masterful display of the inquisitive and intellectual mind.

But then, one glance away and the train is lost. The thoughts are gone and one cannot remember the beauty of any they had just seen. A glisp of one but then its gone. The frustration is overwhelming, with a longing to just remeber those thoughts one could see seconds before.

This is a frequent display. An often lost train and often forgotten thoughts. But those thougths still exist, do they not?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Concise and to the Point - I like

You know who I admire? Writers.
Now i could stop there and leave you wondering. You could choose your own adventure, decide for yourself why i admire writers (good ones mind you) but I won't. You can still do that, but I will at least explain my reasoning.
Firstly, if you didn't know already, I like words - a lot. Not sure what connectin that has really, but . . .
Authors, poets, essayists, people who can express thoughts so concisely, yet make a phrase sound so beautiful. People who can express a thought concisely and capture the exact nature of a thougt precisely alone astound me, let alone combining the right mix of words to make that phrase roll of the tongue and sound great. Poets, really. However, as I stated before, they don't have to make it sound beautiful to recieve my praise, and that simply because I take many words to express my own thoughts, and even then cannot capture the essence of a thought as I would wish to.
So, having shared that pratcically useless piece of information with the world, i shall leave with the words of Robert Frost, who helped me to give poetry another chance, and even attempt some myself! (No matter how terrible the product)

Two paths diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

-The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost, 1920

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Tins

I have six shiny tins
They look at me and grin
They know they are my favourites, yes
I have six shiny tins

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We're just too young - and relaxed

Okay, so our governments obviously think kids aren't learning enough of Australian history, or something like that, seeing as how their planning to put even more hours of history into the already bloated curriculum. They're always saying that kids don't learn enough of our history. Thing is, we do. Ho ho do we ever. Over the last two years i have been treated with enough Australian history to last me at least 5 years. The thing is, we just forget it. On the majoritie's side i'm sure it's just the fact that they're kids, who don't care about it when they're 14, 15 or 16.
However, I believe one major factor in Australian kids not "knowing" some important parts of Australian history (think dates of the first fleet, first to discover the country, first prime minister etc etc) can be boiled down largely to the fact that we have a short and boring history.
Think about it. Our biggest scandles and such things in politics are the Whitlam dismissal (which I never want to hear another word about, ever again in my life) and the disappearance of Harold Holt. I was taught nothing about the latter in school (and i'm sure most kids would have no idea of even how the guy disappeared).
And if we're not taught nothing about it, the subject is taught to death, a sure way to kill a students enthusiasm for a subject.
But really, having been watching Monarchy lately on the ABC, a programme which traces the histroy of English monarchy, i have realised just how deathly borign our history is. Of course this is due to our late start as a country, when democracy was already THE western government system, religion was not controlled by the state and we had a well established, powerful mother country to look after us through a good deal of our development.
There's just no blood in our history, and it makes us boring.
England had kings, queens and all other associated being killed left, right and centre over any slight claim to throne that they possessed and a whole load of countries in Europe and beyond, not to forget America of course, have had revolutions and civil wars which have shaped the history of their nation, nto to mention assassinations of powerful figures, which in some cases sparked wars - world wars.
In any case, i believe Aussies are too relxed to have started any major, politically centred, conflict - we jsut don't care. Of course, if we'd had a longer history i'd probably be eating my words, but the fact remains, that is one reason kids just plain don't like Australian history.
I would just like to know, why doesn't the government look at taking stuff out of the geography course that isn't geography??

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I know a story sounds complete . . .

Having learnt all about evolution and the big bang theory this year (from both sides), i came to the conclusion that it was ludicrous that people should believe in either theories when they had so many holes in them. However, while recently listening to a song by Paul Colman Trio (Move On) and something clicked. Well, really one line was so explicit that it couldn't help but click. The people who hold so firmly to these theories obviously haven't looked at the other side - or they're just stubborn atheists. Here's the line that made it click - Because i know a story sounds complete, until you've heard the other side. and that applies to many things. In this song it applies to Christianity and stuff, but I'm taking it and using it for my own means. So, although i can see obvious flaws in such theories, other's can't, because they simply have not looked.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I like trains. I said that today as we caught one up to Sydney for an excursion, and one of my friends looked very strangely at me; said i was crazy. Now i'm interested as to whether i'm alone in this interest. Really, i have no idea why they appeal to me - things, often strange things - just do. Anyway, just a thought for the day.
I particularly like train riding by night.
Minus the scary people. Haha.

Monday, November 26, 2007

In the Words of . . . Someone, Meh

Okay so yeah, Kevin Rudd got elected. Prime Minister elect (that title really makes me laugh, simply because president elect sounds better, anyway) as he now is. So anyway, i don;t really care what you think, you won't change my opinion and it doesn't really matter anyway. I like what my minister had to say about it last night. He had three points.
One, we need to respect John Howard for his long service to the country, not just as Prime Minister, whatever our political views.
Two, we need to honour the incomign government and respect it, whatever our political views.
Three, we are belssed to have the opportunity to vote for our leader at all, and at that, either way our country will be pretty stable.
So, although i'm happy with the elected government (yes i do believ i may be a labour supporter! Shock horror), i do respect what John Howard and his government did for the country.
NOW we need to move on and get over the whole thing, me included!

So, what did you get up to on the weekend??

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Election Satires

I love elections i really do. simply because they provide so much scope for satirical humour amongst everyone. The Chaser's, randoms. Oh and there's always good old fairfax media videos on youtube.
I really like one.

Politicians Make for Great Laugh Sessions

Today is election day. In Australia.
It's the day that holds the possiblity of change.
Change of government.
Which could change alot.
Who will win?
That's the question on everyone's lips.

Personally, i'm up for some election coverage-watching tonight.
Yes, straight away that defines me as a nerd, geek, consci.
Whatever you like.
But hey, whatever.
Why can't a 15-year old kid enjoy politics?

Rudd or Howard?
Which one is better?
Or really should i say, Rudd or Costello?
Either way, watch this, it's funny.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Claim it!

WARNING: Biblical themes follow, but i suggest you read them anyway. Especially the first, it is quite touching.
This is an excerpt from the minister's letter in my church bulletin last Sunday. It is sad! And i just wanted to share it. As a background to the story, it is about Dr. Criswell a pastor from America, and a well known theologian at the time (he is known simply as the theologian in the text). The two were seated together on a plane, and got talking and the theologian told Dr. Criswell that he had recently lost his son to meningitis.
I quote, '. . . The child was beyond medical help and was going to die. The loving parents did the only thing that could do, which was sit with their son in a vigil.
Less than a week later [after he had been diagnosed], in the middle of the day, the illness began to cause the little boy's vision to fade. He looked up at his daddy and said softly, "Daddy, it's getting dark isn't it?" The theologian repelied, "Yes, son, it is dark. It's very dark." And for the father it was. The little boy said, "I guess it's time for me to sleep, isn't it?" The father replied, "Yes son, it's time for you to sleep."
The theologian explained to Dr. Criswell how his son liked his pillow and blankets arranged just so because he liked to lay his head on his hands while he slept. So, he helped the child fix his pillow and his boy rested his head on his hands and said, "Good night Daddy, I'll see you in the morning." With that the little boy closed his eyes and fell asleep. A few minutes later his little chest rose and fell for the last time. His earthly life was over all too soon.
The theologian stopped talking and looked out the window of the plane for a good long while. Finally he turned to Criswell and, with his voice breaking and tears spilling onto his cheeks, he gasped, "I can hardly wait for morning to come!"'

I wish i could claim these parts of the poem following that i understand, but i can't. Much to great for me to claim to have written. No, i rightfully acknowledge this as th work of Emily Bronte - No Coward Soul is Mine.
"No coward soul is mine, No trembler in the world's storm-troubled sphere! I see Heaven's glories shine,And Faith shines equal, arming me from Fear.
O God within my breast, Almighty, ever-present Deity!Life, that in me has rest, As I, undying Life, have power in Thee!
. . .
There is not room for Death, Nor atom that his might could render void Since Thou art Being and Breath, And what Thou art may never be destroyed."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yep, I'm a Bit of a Stickler

Well, well we meet again i see. What's on your mind today? I've many thoughts, but i either cannot express them clearly enough, i have already informed you of them, or i wish not to share them.

And i think we're all a little sick of poems at the moment.

Well, have you ever given much thought to punctuation? Yes, let us go there, let us delve into the rapidly declining world of dots and dashes. You see, punctuation is what lets language breath, take form and have meaning. And abuse of punctuation is becoming all too widely ignored or, worse, accepted. See you have your apostrophes, with quite clear rules for everyday use, and yet people blindly stick them in plural words! It's just an abomination. and, before i really get started, and before you say what does it matter, i think i shall give you an real example of where it matters a lot; as in the difference is one difference between two religious denominations. (Yes this is biblical, if you're atheistic turn away now)
Luke 23:43 'Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."' Okay so here's where things get icky. See that comma? ". . . truth, today. . ." Okay, so yes Jesus is saying that this criminal will be with him TODAY in heaven.
BUT is he? See, it's apparently hard on early manuscripts to tell if this IS a comma, or if it's in the right place. i.e. it could read "I tell you the truth today, you will be with me in paradise." Okay, so Catholics believe in this sort of limbo, and with the comma in that place, sure you could think that because it's like Jesus says, 'I tell you the truth toay," yes he tells him today, that he will eventually be in heaven. Do you get me? Totally different meaning.
So, we can see punctuation does matter? If you don't like that one example I've got more. Don't hesitate to ask. But i won't go on much more, this is just food for thought.
But i will leave you with this. Do most people know what colons and semicolons are today? YES you tell me (though I'm not convinced). BUT I'm sure most people wouldn't have the faintest idea how to use one.
They may just stick a semicolon (this ; one by the way) in when they don't know whether to start a new sentence or not.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yet Another Poem . . .

Yes i seem to have taken a liking to them lately don't I? Well, in ten minutes, here's a poem:

Exams, yes exams
Oh what misery you bring
My mind cannot retain even one more thing
When i think i have seen your end
You throw one more just around the bend
And as take up more papers to study
I know i can learn no more of Jack Mundy
And I hope that this will be the last
When i know that this lot will but cast
Some more light on future Exams, yes exams

I hate you

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Wish I Had a Pensieve

I wish i had a pensieve
Like little old man Dumbledore
Really he's not all that tiny. . .
But i wish i had a pensieve
To put put all of my thoughts in
My memories and feelings and
My late at night ideas
I wish i had a pensieve
And an empty day or two
To sort through all my thoughts
And find that there IS something more

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Perculiar 'Nostalgia'

Have you ever felt like you wanted to lived in another time? Ever seen a movie, or read a book, and just wished you could travel back in time? I have. I like to call it my nostalgia-for-a-time-I've-never-experienced - "older than i could ever be." I realise that i just completely rewrote the definition of nostalgia, but who said a little bit of poetic licence wasn't in order here?
My point is to be, though, apart from longing to live then, i build up a fantastical little world centred on that period and it is perfect, whilst i never consider the downside of living then. When i do think these things though, my little fantasy world comes crashing down and the whole matter depresses me, so that i declare never to think of the bad things, but only the good. The fact that i can never live then anyway also procedes to destroy my lovely imagingnings until i am forced to create another entirely fantastical world revovling around my own time - which is not nearly as nice, so i abandon it and decide i am through with considering what could have been if i had lived in Canada at the turn of the century. . . Of course, i don't go quite as far as all that, but really, up until 'depresses me' it was all completely true - what came after was but a mix of truth and lies, excpet for the last line.
But of course, i suppose what i am trying to say is that, when perfect little, dare i say it, hopes are torn down, it can hurt an awful lot. And anybody with my problem, learn to live for today!
Because it is a bit of a strange one =) (or am i wrong?)

We must be careful of the reputation we build for ourselves, for it may prove difficult to pull down.

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's flat, damn flat

Yep, that's our accent for you. So flat, apparently, it lets us mimic other accents that just can't pull off ours. And you know what, it makes me proud.
The fact that there was an hour-long program last night dedicated to looking at the way our accent has developed over 200 years just fills me with good old Aussie pride. And i have to say how annoyed i was at everyone who used to think it was such a horrible accent to listen to; it's bloody beautiful, as some would say. Another programme we were mentioned on for, i dunno, 15 minutes, also made me go, yeah Aussie getting footage! See, anyone from a country that's not a major player globally (by which i mean America and Britain!) has to appreciate it when their country gets mentioned somewhere. (Specially a country lost halfway around the world) I mean, i don't reckon guys from, especially, America would understand, because their everywhere! But when i see an Aussie actor i go "yes! We are awesome, more awesome than Americans, prove it for us!" You might think I'm crazy, but there you go.
And, going back to accents, as much as i love hearing the occasional American word that just sounds . . . nice, i could not stand that accent all the time, sorry. Words like 'horizontal' and 'interview' pronounced by a Californian are cool, cos they miss the 't', and i can listen to a New Yorker (the two extreme accents, i.e. street drawl and Fran's mum speak) for a while and laugh at them, but the constant 'stupid' (which, pronounced by an American just epitomizes the whole word's meaning), 'news' and dare i say 'tuna' would just get on my nerves SO MUCH, because, it's not STOO-pid (which is what we Aussies say when we want to sound it), but STEW-pid. That's of my chest now.
But seriously, whenever Australia is mentioned in a foreign text (including TV & Movies) i just go yes, that's my country. We are the ones who are known as the relaxed country etc etc, and that just gets to me in a way i can't express with words (which isn't an uncommon phenomenon) Everyone should have some experience with an Aussie or Australia. Of course, i don't want to sound arrogant, but really, where the bloody hell are ya?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where's my wit?

Where'd did all my old-time wit go to? Yes i will call it wit although that may at this time be the wrong word. Or at least, if i still possess it in cyber-land, why don't i ahev such good sporadic wit? I don't understand!! For example, last year i came up with (and yes i realise this is cyber):
Any comments? good or Bad i accept all exempting the bad. Those i spit upon with the foulest of my spit and then trapple on the spittled words that have come form your hand in the foulest of foul contempt. Hahaha. The good go up on my trophies shelf. They'll make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

-My website, sometime late last year . . .
Only the good die young . . . make of that what you will, i need sleep.

A Poem

I was going to write a poem
But what really rhymes with poem?
Well now it is screwed, my poem
So I guess I won't write a poem

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Awesome Lyrics

I think it's time i shared some inspirational lyrics with you from great songs i know. so, without any further ado, i present:

Relient K - Yes relient k is spelt wrong, it's deliberate

More than Useless: Awesome lyrics when you feel useless! Not much more to say of this one.

Whats the purpose? It feels worthless So unwanted like I've lost all my value I can't find it, not in the least bit and I'm just scared, so scared that I'll fail you And sometimes I think that I'm not any good at all And sometimes I wonder why, why I'm even here at all But then you assure me I'm a little more than useless And when I think that I can't do this You promise me that I'll get through this And do something right Do something right for once

Very cool 'cos as you'll see i love lyrics that hit the nail on the head, like these ones.

Bite my tongue: Again lyrics which hit the nail on the head for someone like who has trouble thinking before they speak.

And sometimes I say things that I wish that I could take back The most crucial thing I lack is the thing called "tact"And if you're always so intently listening Then the smartest thing to say Is to tell myself not to say a thing Yeah I gotta keep quiet quiet Don't let it all come undone 'Cause if I dare open my mouth It'll just be to bite my tongue To bit my tongue

Life After Death and Taxes: Just a nice, heavenly message. For one of the faith, very reassuring.

Never forget there's life after death and taxes Forgiveness come and all of the rest is what passes away Death and decay can't touch us now

Also a Nice little bit of typical relient k humour even in a not so cheerful song with the whole 'and taxes' thing.

Apathetic Way To Be: You really need the whole picture to appreciate these lyrics i think, but they're just a little observation on human attitudes really. Plus i like the word apathetic

So take a wild guess It's like I just couldn't care less If all the things you find impressive Just blew up and made those messes That you'll frantically repair Like it's a life or death affair And all the while you're unaware For this, you really shouldn't care But it's so hard to see the reality That the end will be the end of things And our hearts are all we get to bring So let's go ahead and make them worth something

Paul Colman Trio

Move On: Spot on lyrics here. I love people who can make words sound nice but say something so well as well, don't you? Anyway, just like these lyrics, can't voice why, it's just all in my head with no output

Time it won't wait 'til we're ready to say surrender And there's no time like tonight to let it all go So take all your pain and let it go Do you want to know the truth? he said Or are you happy with the lies?'Cause I know a story sounds complete Until you hear the other side

Dear God: Ha again spot on lyrics. Plus it's its a pretty cool tune (all thee songs are, juts some are getting special mention :D ) I agree totally with this song, and the whole thing's going up here, because it's not too long

Dear God I don't understand What you're doing If you're real and you're in control You must see the path we're choosing And I don't understand but somehow I believe It's all in your hands Yeah but I don't believe in a God who gives More of his love to those who say they believe And I've read your book and I think (know) it says It's not what you say but it's how you live Dear God How your name's been used to justify treason And although it hurts me to say Sometimes the enemy's religion

Billy Joel

Vienna : Really just a cool tune, but there are some good lyrics. Really, just, i dunno why i like them, so anyway

Slow down you crazy child Take the phone off the hook And disappear for a while It's lright you can afford to lose a day or two When will you realize...Vienna waits for you

The Who

Baba O'Riley: One line i think is very cool from this song

. . . I don't need to fight To prove I'm right . . .

that's right we don't! End all violence and win with wit and intelligence, it's the best way.

DC Talk - Direct Christian Talk, in case you were wondering

What have we become: Wow, nearly is my art project in words . . . or the general idea, nearly. Still this is a fantastic song deploring the state of humanity. Just now I've come to think that while I'm sure we're not more corrupt than previous generations, maybe this song implies what we've become since the fall? Either way, great lyrics and music

What have we become? A self indulgent people What have we become? Tell me where are the righteous ones? What have we become? In a world degenerating What have we become? . . . What about love? What about God? What about holiness? What about mercy, compassion and selflessness?

Mind's eye: PERFECT lyrics about faith in an invisible God. There's the whole 'wind' thing running throughout, but because it's a great image. Anyway, i just love this song, i love songs which agree with me and my ideas

Can you catch the wind? See a breeze?I ts presence is revealed by The leaves on a tree An image of my faith in the unseen . . . In my mind's eye I see Your face You smile as you show me grace In my mind's eye You take my hand We walk through foreign lands The foreign lands of life

Friday, November 02, 2007


Know the phrase, wait for the other shoe to drop? Apparently there's an interesting story behind this particular phrase.
An inn dweller is dead tired when he returns to his room late at night. As he begins to undress, he removes a shoe and drops it on the floor. Realizing that the big thud must have woken up the fellow in the room below, he takes off the other shoe and puts it down gently. After a considerable time a voice screams from the room under him, "For God's sake, drop the other shoe! I want to go back to sleep!"
Thanks to Anu Garg and his AWAD email subscription! It's awesome.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


It seems i hvae run out of my excellent topics for blogging for the moment. I have no more of the world to ponder. Well no that's a lie, because i have SO MUCH of the world to ponder i wish i could devote my time solely to it. But i have nothing i want to bore you with, because i've given you brief run down on most things i wish to share.
While i'm here though, aren't children excellent? So innocent and cute. 3-7 year olds are particularly sweet. Just an example . . . how would you draw blessing? I wouldn't have the faintest idea, but a little girl i know just drew a big heart. I thought that epitomized it so well. Well, that's my thought for today. Not very exciing, i'm working on something else though. . .you'll see. For the time being:

Move onwards and ever forwards my bodacious, Jim-dandy, Top-notch, Cracking, Spiffing, Buffo, Excellent Friends

Monday, October 29, 2007

What Have We Become?

Hey guys - our society/generation isn't any more corrupted than previous societies/generations. They were just better at hiding it than us. If you don't believe me you need to read more, because as one of my favourite guys to quote has said:

The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest men of past centuries.
-Rene Descartes, philosopher and mathematician (1596-1650)

and any conversation is going to hint at some sort of corruption - it's impossbile to avoid it. Seriously though, if you don't believe me read books - the Bible is an excellent place to start but of course if you don't believe it that will be a problem so then i suggest you read Biographies on some historical figures. As an aside, biographies are not boring as i think they are stereotypically wont to be - not if you read a good one. Any way, they're my words of wisdom for the day. Have a good one!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Mystery all my life has been a mystery
You and i were never ever meant to be
Its why i call my love for you a mystery
Different country, you and i have always lived in a different country
and i know that airline tickets dont grow on a tree
So what kept us apart is plain for me to see
That much at leats is not a mystery
Estuary i live in a house boat on an estuary
Which is handy for my work with the 'Thames Water Authority'
But i know you would have found it insanitry, insanitry
Taken a violent dislike to me
I'd be foolish to ignore the possiblilty
That if we'd ever actually met you might have hated me
Still thats not the only problem that i can see
Dead since 1973 you've been dead now wait a minute let me see
15 years come next January
As a human being you are history
So why do i still long for why is my love so strong for you why did i write
this song for you
well i guess its just a mystery

A Bit of Fry and Laurie - Pilot

I just thought i would share this with you today, its time to lighten up my blog and i'm not funny enough to so i let the master comedians do it for me. If you wanna see this thing performed - which is much better - just click here

Monday, October 22, 2007

Election Frenzy and the worm. . .

By process of elimination, it's labour. Or at least it would be. If i could vote. And it would be pointless not to in my area anyway. Australia seems to think so too - the worm certainly does. Mind you 90 people isn't much of a representation, and they're probably all working class Rudd-lovers. Which a lot of the country has actually become, it's not just the worm proving this to us. HCNeilson/Herald polls all through the year have shown Kevin Rudd's popularity to be spiking, becoming the most popular oppositional candidate ever, but just what makes him so likable? Because it is that he's more likable. It's been shown that John Howard has approval, but Rudd is just more popular. And it is just Rudd right? Not Labour as a party? Of course it is! People are voting as though we vote for a person (like in America) not a party. Now, if we had Kim Beasley or oh dear i can't even rememebr the other guy's name leading Labour, would they be so tops on polls? Certainly other factors are at work in government unpopularity - i admit Peter Costello's continued prescence isn't the biggest winning factor for the government - but overall i think i must conclude that Rudd's personage is the biggest factor in people saying they'll vote labour. Work Choices certainly hasn't helped Johny and his possie, but he always has the strong economy to balance that out - and the promise of further tax cuts.
Personally, if i were voting, i would want more promised than a strong economy though. Sure it's a good thing, but our health system certainly needs a boost, and education could profit from some more care as well, let alone the Aboriginal community, which just makes the whole country look so hypocritical when it comes to human rights - oh and there's mandatory detention which is a big turn off. And for others of course climate change action would be an issue but i'm not so fussed about that.
I'm not saying Labour's sure to win. That's ridiculous, they still need some amount of swing you know! Those people who just vote for Liberal because the countrie's good at the moment and don't like to think of change are not likely to be won over if they're not already as well. But it will be an interesting campaign, and Federal politics is so much more interesting than State, such that this won't be, "Oh we all think Labour will win, yeah they'll win, the votes say Labour wins and stays in and oh look at that Labour won!" Yep, i'd be watching that election-coverage-space.
Unless you dont like politics, in which case you shouldn't be reading this.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm in the depths of despair. . . .or was. . .in a way

Meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless.

Or so the old book of Ecclesiastes goes. And a while ago i found myself slipping into this state of mind. I mean really, what's life's point? Everyday spent futilely doing work that will only help us get work, that will help us get money to survive, and then we die, after a mere 80years or so. Believe me, when you're thinking this, it seems a lot worse, and unless you believe in something more, something bigger than us, something that's got something more in store for us after this life, you'd probably end up a bit depressed. Which is why i don't get how people can just live thinking this is all there is, with only the big bang theory and evolution as reasons for how we got where we are today. I won't get into those THEORIES though, because they are so RIDICULOUS and so FLAWED compared to the certainty and sure hope one can have when trusting the omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God. I mean, NOT beliveing in life after death (and taxes) has to be the most depressing thing ever, expecially when that life will be perfect, and in God's presence.
Anyway, a thought. Consider it!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

It makes me want to scream

Read the paper later? Seen the news? Talked to someone? EVERYONE 'knows' that Global warming and climate 'change' is a big problem - a problem we caused - and that we need to fix it.


Seriously, if people are just going to blindly believe Al Gore and all those stupid scientists that say we can fix what 'we caused' by just changing a light globe and planting a tree, thats their problem, but it makes me want to scream every time i see soemone express this ignorant view. All their 'evidence' is pretty dodgy. For one thing, when scientist, media etc cite that the biggest amount of greehouse gas is CO2, they're choosing to ignore the fact that water vapour really contibutes (dont cite this its not exact) something like 99.99% to greenhosue gases. I may be off by 1%. . .

And anyway, shouldn't everyone know that the amount of CO2 produced by our cars is nothing compared to the amount realeased naturally by the ocean and volcanoes? Walking to work for a day won't do anyone good - except your heart, maybe.

That's a short excert of my opinon on this matter, and not half of it is off my chest. And if you're thiking i'm not an Al Gore fan, you're right. Geez he needs to talk to some real scientists/people who know what they're talkign about. I close with a statement by Professor Patrick Michaels, Department of Environmental SciencesUniversity of Virginia and a link to a good site (i lost my other good site, otherwise you'd have two.)

Anyone who goes around and says that carbon dioxide is responsible for most of
the warming of the 20th century has not look at the basic numbers.

Above quote from
I can't be bothered to hyperlink it sorry, but definately copy and paste and chekc it out - it's awesome, especially as no one ever bothers to discuss the alternate side to this debate, the true side.

Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Obvious

The world is a depressing place. Seriuosly, if you think about it, heck you don't have to think hard, there are so many things wrong with it I can't begin to name them all. And everyday just brings more terrible things to my attention. Some huge general things? Death, poverty, war, corrupt leaders and animosity between so many people. Be thankful for what you have, that's all i have to say. We're lucky we live such a life.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What do you think is out there?

You know, way, way up there, as in out of this world up there, literally. To be honest, i couldn't care less. Really. I mean, NASA's budget every year is $15.47 billion dollars, but there are a billion-plus people living in the poorest conditions elsewhere in the world and we're wasting 15 bilion dollars trying to work out if any more people exist so that they can starve too, or, other people starve instead. I mean seriously, can we please look after all those poor people in Africa, the terrible living conditions of some Aboriginals and tidy up our health, education and environment management. I'm sure there are plenty of other things we could spend that 15 billion on too, just give me a couple of days, loads of newpapers and google; you'll have a long list in no time. I just don't get it. Why can't governments just learn that human life is more important than getting to mars (which is a barren planet, it'll do us no good going there), broadband for everyone and, well alot of stuff governments spend copius amounts of money on. I could scream at Labour's stupid plan to spend 4.5 billion on broadband when it's clear that our health, education and travel systems need more work. *sigh* I guess that's just how it is. Gotta run. Later.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

All-American Microsoft

If your from anywhere that isn't America, type the word coloUr into Microsoft Word. Inevitably, a squiggly red line will appear under the word when you hit the spacebar. Right click on the word and a menu will pop-up that suggests you want the word color, no 'u'. You think, "No that's not what i meant," and go to change the default language. Later you type the word colour again and another red squiggly line appears. "NO!" you yell at the screen. "It's right! I spelt it right! It's you that has it wrong Bill Gates!! You can't even congfigure the stupid program to recognise another countrie's spelling of 'colour'!! Surely it's a simple thing to do!"
But apparently, it's not. That's right, even if you manage to survive a whole session in Word without a red line popping up, the next time you open the program, that little red worm will turn up whenever you spell a word correctly, or with an 's' instead of a 'z', and i just don't get it!! Please Gates, learn how to configure a program you wrote, please. It was save us all so much frustration. Or, you know, Americans could just spell the same as us, and while their at it switch to the metric system which makes much more sense. But that's a whole other story. For no, please do something about Word!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

How we are who we are

Have you ever stopped to wonder about how we got where we are today? I mean, yeah my great-great-grandparents came over some time. . . oh and you know that guy Gov'nor Arty Phillip? He brought over a bunch of ships back in the 1700s - might have come form a bunch of those people.
Nah, i'm talking about how we all spread out from wherever we orginated from - the Middle East, or wherever the garden of eden was, to get all over the world. Definately makes me wonder at people having any racist attitudes at all, when we all descended from the same people/things, whether you believe in evolution or religion. I mean it's fascinating just to think of the way countries were discovered and settled (sadly we Aussies were foudn to late to have any exciting history!) let alone how different races unfolded and were simlilarly, effectivly killed out (original central americans anyone??) and then moved to their different locations.
I've also wondered at Africa staying 'uncivilized' as we'd put it, while europ advanced and built castles and cool little gadgets. I mean it's weird, that the people were seperated and advanced at different rates, such that we now have 'developing' countries and 'developed' countries.
Now along wiht all that also goes the development of language which i personally take as incredibly interesting - not only the deveopment of different languages (which all originated at the Tower of Babel, but the way they changed is fascinating) but the evolution of languages within themselves. Anyway, just a small though and not have of my thoughts on the matter. Until next time.

So I Admit. . .

Yes, alot of rain can be too much rain, as proven in the Hunter valley and along the Central Coast the last couple of days. A torrential amount of rain in only two days threw the area into a state of 'Natural Disaster' and it just goes to show that that ol' song was right. This is the land of droughts and flooding rains. We've been in drought for like ten years right? Then we get floods like this, and tomorrow our dams will be drying up again and we'll have forgotten what rain looks like. Well maybe not us but those poor people inland will have. Which leads me to say, i'm glad to see some of this rain has gotten into our dams. Admittadly, last i heard warragamba has only gotten 30mm, but hey, that's something! Well, I guess that's it. Disappointed that soccer was cancelled for all this rain but we needed it and it did give the news something to talk about for a couple of days, so be thankful any fell at all and pray for those people up in the Central Coast. Later.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Do you know whether the weather is fine?

No it's not. It's the most miserable weather we've had in a while and I'm loving it. Which is why i don't get why it's called miserable weather. In my mind, wet, windy, cold weather always signals for a better day. So enjoy this weather whie you can! Rug up, start a fire, get cosy and find a good book to read with some jazz, 'cos the rains are finally here, if not to stay. . .