Saturday, December 20, 2008

In reply to a comment Eric made on facebook:

My happiness gets in the way a bit.....I think he's about to eat it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

what's it Called? Got a name in the poetry world....

Turns out i was wrong 2 1/2 months ago when i said that you could resonably expect a blog post a month from me. As we hit year twelve the posts kept coming so I was well and truly wrong. Well....depends on how you analyse the statement. I gues you COULD reasonably only have expected a post a month the way things were going, but the way it turned out in reality just happened to not be what you expected. Follow? I retract.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Ode to Change

I open the door –
Can gaze no more
Look! The shadow of a squeaky door!
See! The essence of a wall no more!
I close my eyes, just can see
Every piece where ought to be
I take my leave of all the gloom
Retire to one single room
Ah its sweet familiarity
Shall be lone comfort unto me

This was written like 8 months ago. I was rather proud of the rhyming scheme.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Relatively Big Chips

I came across this today when I typed "anything" into google for a 'video' I am making (which I'll show you when it's done). I thought it was cool, PLUS, it's time for another picture.

Voldy's not Gone!

This post is for any avid harry potter theorists. So, just briefly, with no discussion, I was wondering......
Harry has to destroy 6 horcruxes, and he's the seventh right? So....the night that Voldemort's spell rebounded from harry, and he didn't die, what happened then? Surely a part of him died and his hrocruxes kept him alaive and so he used one in GoF when he regained his body?
Also, then, how do you actually use Horcruxes? Do you "use them up?" so to speak, so that if Voldemort used one, Harry wouldn't have to destroy it because it's piece of soul was transferred to Voldemort? If that's right, Voldemort's soul was split into 9 pieces over time. Sort of. Or harry Destroyed a horcrux that was already dead, whihc we know didn't happen....don't we?
OR, i think i just struck gold, instead of killing the piece of soul, it just sort of ...transferred it to Harry for some reason. A period of ten minutes made me think about that more between gold and instead and its not actually gold, but helps explain only seven horcruxes.
Voldemort's not really dead!!! He has one bit of soul left!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Define: Generous

As it's now holidays i have the (luxury) of being able to watch day time television. So yesterday, in the ads of Mary Christmas (which was substantially better than today's christmas movie but thats another story) i saw a little bit of The Ellen Degeneres Show. (Forgive me if I know not how to spell her last name). And on these kinds of shows (i.e. Ellen, Oprah, you get the picture) they always give away stuff. Every episode. But yesterdays was a christmas giveaway so everyone in the audience got like 6 presents all worth $2000 U.S. Crazy hey? And I heard this guy make a pun of her name on the show once (Ellen de generous, get it haha?) but really, I think its...wasted money. Instead of giving people who are well off like that thousands of dollars worth of gifts, give it to charity. Give it to some people who would really appreciate it, cos there's a lot out there.
Don't get me wrong. I know that she gives money to charity often (so does oprah). Like she had the whole dunk for breast cancer thing, but...that doesn't really justify throwing more money at people who are rich enough on a global scale. Even though it's nto her money she's using to giev the stuff away so if she didn't get the crystal watches there woudln't be the stuff/moeny anyway....Whatever. Scattered thoughts are brilliant hey? its someone's money and someone should be putting it to much better effect.
So that's it for today. Short and sweet. Any longer and you'd be as annoyed as alyssa when she sees people waste money that could go to people who need it.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Musings...on People

I think that children really are amazing. You know, i don't think we give them enough credit. I'm talking kids under the age of 8. I mean, you see people atlk down to children all the time, in their (as i like to call them) "kids voices." Their pitch is a little higher, their voice a little more soppy, and the face takes on exaggerated expressions. And you know, when it's overdone, it really gets at me. (yes you can use a 'kid voice' just....not hugely. Dont treat a 4/5 yr old like a baby) Kids aren't stupid just because they're five years old, they can actually understand things.
Evidence: Protestants believe in the trinity (God the father son and holy spirit are seperate beings, but also one) and no one can actually understand this fully. I've heard heaps of analogies that try and get our heads around it but we just can't. So when at church i hear a 5 or 6 year old child say "but Jesus is God and God is Jesus! But that doesn't make sense..." i'm just amazed that they can know that already and be comprehending the magnitude of the idea to - some extent.
You can talk to a child as an equal. Just, think about it please and don't play down their IQ just because they're a decade or more younger than you.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Beautiful Moment #1: Watching the sun set over Mount Kembla whilst listening to Strauss' "sunrise" on my walk.

Beautiful Moment #2: Running down the shortcut to my street listening to Holst's "The Planets - Jupiter"

He Finally Did It!

A friend sent this to me. I laughed. And I stole his heading.