Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Don't Contradict it!

On the weekend just past i attended a house party (or church confrence, Church camp, whatever floats your boat St. Micks people) and the speaker mentioned something very early on in the first session that struck me. he said (paraphrased and taking into account memory of course) somethign along the lines of: 'now you've come away to this camp fro the weekend. Some would think this is bizaare, that you've come away for a weekend to read and study a text about a man's dreams that happened more than 2, 000 years ago.'
And it hit me that, to the non-believer, Christianity probably does look utterly bizaare. that we hold these books written at least a millenia and a half ago as the truth. Especially those books which would be seen as crazy hallucinations or simple songs.
See, the thing that was so striking about this was that to me it is the ultimate familiarity. This book brings me comfort not only in its message (which is, of course, the ultimate comfort) but also, in a smaller way, simply through the writing. When i hear someone read out a section of the Bible, a great sense of famililaritya nd comfort surrounds me and am a person who likes familiarity a lot.
I just like to hear the Bible read. I have grown up surrounded by it and it is an essential part of understanding where i am today. It takes an extra extension of though to understand how another, non-christian, non-religous person really, may see this book that i hold as the ultimate authorty in my life. I guess i just take it for rganted that people with accept it maybe just a little less than i do, and that's an incredibly ignorant or thoughless position to hold.

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