Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Multiple Tagging Confuses Post's Meaning

I thought I would share something I learnt a couple of days ago - and I will say it objectively. But if that be the case i have to keep it short and simple.
I was talking to someone whose been through the American schooling system (yes, yet again it's about America. Sorry everyone). about the schooling system. So this is how their last two years go.
They have their final exams halfway through year eleven (SATs). Got that? Then, well i don't know quite what they do for the rest of that year but in year 12, apparently they don't really do much work because the whole year is spent doing univesity applications. I'll let you mull over that.
And their SAT's are well....this is what i understand. They have a lot of multiple choice I think, um and well they have essays!!! But they are a page long and the example given me of a question was a subjectuive question, not an academic one. Mum said then that she thought first year college must be like our HSC year that sentiment was affirmed by our informant.
My two readers, GO!


Eric said...


i do believe college is different to uni - it's more like an engineering course, in that the first few years are common. only, unlike engineering, one does a bit of everything. so yes, probably very HSC like.

and there's nothing wrong with speaking baout america - gosh how much i could say right now if iw as in such a mood. but im not. im in a showering and breakfast mood. later.


Stephen said...

i'm struggling to understand the connection between the title and the body pls explain

| : alyssa : | said...

none to the body, but I tagged it with three different tags and they all appear to kind of mean didfferent things, so you're all left wonering - is she annoyed, observing, condeming ect ect =D