Sunday, May 24, 2009

Harry Potter

We went to the movies yesterday to see Star Trek, and they were advertising Harry Potter HBP. Posters, cardboard cut-outs and all. Then i came to my blog and saw that its 56 days till it coems out, and realised that i can get half my ticket on my hoyts card and I got excited. Imean, uits been, what, 2 years since the last one was out in the theatres, and 4 years since a decent one was out. (i'm joking, OOTP was decent, but only just, i didn't really like it).
I'm sort of just looking forward to a little bti more harry-hype, because I'm really going to mis the book releases (which for me consisted of gettign to the shops as soona s practical and then spending the better part of the weekend reading it to the exclusion of all company). Even though there'll never be the 'i have no idea what is going to happen, OH MY GOODNESS DID YOU SEE THAT?' that you get first time round with the books, the moveis are the closes we can get now and there's only three left! at least for the movies there's a little excitement in seeing what it's goign to be like. Not no idea, but a little less than complete, if you know what i mean.
Anyway, July 17th. very excited!!


Eric said...

There was a lot of harry at the movies!
Man, i'm so excited!!!
Remember the days of reading the books till the early hours of the morning, going to school the next day, but being so oblivious to everything because you were still in harry world? or was that just me?
haha speaking of which, after the hsc i reckon it'd be fun to get a group of people who could all stay up reading them for say a week. do it all again... ahhh.....
Lining up for DH was awesome fun too....
oh gosh, it's all too much fun =P
(apparently this movie is all romantic and stuff. but hey, 3 and 6 are my favourite books, 3 was an awesome movie... here's hoping...)

Sara said...

I concur.

I conquer.