Sunday, February 14, 2010

What we Actually Need to Know

'The Bible-versus-science debate has, most regrettably, sidetracked readers of Genesis 1. Instead of reading the chapter as a triumphant affirmation of the power and wisdom of God and the wonder of his creation, we have been too often bogged down in attempting to squeeze Scripture into the mold of the latest scientific hypothesis or distorting scientific facts to fit a particular interpretation. When allowed to speak for itself, Genesis 1 looks beyond such minutiae. Its proclamation of the God of grace and power who undergirds the world and gives it purpose justifies the scientific approach to nature. Genesis 1, by further affirming the unique status of man, his place in the divine program, and God’s care for him, gives a hope to mankind that atheistic philosophies can never legitimately supply.'

- Gordon Wenham

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Eric said...

That's a good quote. Another 2 issues i have are:
1. Our inability to look beyond Genesis 1 and into the rest of the bible. So much of it speaks on creation, particularly hebrews, yet we look at only one chapter for proof/ideas. Any bible reader knows this is not how the bible should be read.

2. We always seem to ask 'why' instead of 'who', and 'what' instead of 'why'. This ties back to that quote, i guess, and the idea of forgetting the creator behind it all.