Tuesday, April 06, 2010


So I had an excellent easter. I hope you did as well. I spent it getting my head full of God's word, so I hope some of that decides to stick around and make itself useful. And as I couldn't do this on Easter Sunday, I'm going to say it now, because it is no less true: Christ is risen, He is risen indeed! One of the speakers over the weekend taught us to say that in Russian, but...mimicking sounds is quite different to transcribing them in a foreign alphabet. I would like to say more about my excellent Easter weekend and everything I learnt, but there's way too much to say in a blog post which I'm using to put off writing a history essay.
The reason I'm actually writing is because I saw a quote on my wall and I thought "I should blog that," but I couldn't just blog another (science) quote after easter, so you got my well-wishes as well. And here is the lovely little quote by the brilliant Mr Niels Bohr (by-the-by I heard a reference to Bohr on tv(?) the other day, but it was along the lines of I'm not just a Niels Bohr, and I though '!!'. just a Niels Bohr? the man was pretty intelligent.)
"One must never be satisfied with doing what one can; rather, one must always do what one really cannot" - Niels Bohr

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Eric said...

I know it's probably just your wording... but what you learned won't make itself useful - you need to make it useful!