Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Snippet

"Don't let the world shape you so that the Bible looks boring. God Almighty has spoken. It can't be boring. It can't be boring - we're the problem. He's a Vesuvius of joy and energy and power and wisdom and strength and love and grace and justice and truth. He can't be boring. The world is boring! Avatar is boring!"

I laughed quite hard at the last part of this, but also, excellent point John Piper.


Anonymous said...

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sejtraav said...

Where can I find this quote?

(Incorrect referencing. Please use the Harvard Date style from now on)

alyssa said...

It's from one of his sermons: Holding Fast To The Word Of Life In 2010 (10th of Jan). Kind of near the end I think.
So sorry, will try to improve the referencing from now on.

Eric said...

On a side note... I am so thankful for John Piper's faithfulness and active efforts on the issue of abortion. Too many christians are critical and yet inactive. What an awesome example.

Eric said...

Alyssa, you've jumped on the John Piper bandwagon!
Though i think you told me that a while back :P
And i don't mean to make him sound like a fad. Because he's not.

I miss the HSC in only one way - i used to subscribe to 3 different sermon feeds each week, it was amazing. I just don't get to anymore!