Monday, October 22, 2007

Election Frenzy and the worm. . .

By process of elimination, it's labour. Or at least it would be. If i could vote. And it would be pointless not to in my area anyway. Australia seems to think so too - the worm certainly does. Mind you 90 people isn't much of a representation, and they're probably all working class Rudd-lovers. Which a lot of the country has actually become, it's not just the worm proving this to us. HCNeilson/Herald polls all through the year have shown Kevin Rudd's popularity to be spiking, becoming the most popular oppositional candidate ever, but just what makes him so likable? Because it is that he's more likable. It's been shown that John Howard has approval, but Rudd is just more popular. And it is just Rudd right? Not Labour as a party? Of course it is! People are voting as though we vote for a person (like in America) not a party. Now, if we had Kim Beasley or oh dear i can't even rememebr the other guy's name leading Labour, would they be so tops on polls? Certainly other factors are at work in government unpopularity - i admit Peter Costello's continued prescence isn't the biggest winning factor for the government - but overall i think i must conclude that Rudd's personage is the biggest factor in people saying they'll vote labour. Work Choices certainly hasn't helped Johny and his possie, but he always has the strong economy to balance that out - and the promise of further tax cuts.
Personally, if i were voting, i would want more promised than a strong economy though. Sure it's a good thing, but our health system certainly needs a boost, and education could profit from some more care as well, let alone the Aboriginal community, which just makes the whole country look so hypocritical when it comes to human rights - oh and there's mandatory detention which is a big turn off. And for others of course climate change action would be an issue but i'm not so fussed about that.
I'm not saying Labour's sure to win. That's ridiculous, they still need some amount of swing you know! Those people who just vote for Liberal because the countrie's good at the moment and don't like to think of change are not likely to be won over if they're not already as well. But it will be an interesting campaign, and Federal politics is so much more interesting than State, such that this won't be, "Oh we all think Labour will win, yeah they'll win, the votes say Labour wins and stays in and oh look at that Labour won!" Yep, i'd be watching that election-coverage-space.
Unless you dont like politics, in which case you shouldn't be reading this.

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Eric said...

would that be mark latham... hmm, i thuogh it was labor? o well, nuthin like savin the vowels ay. is this the story u were talkin bout in my comment? anyway, labor means cheap laptops! as students, we get a tonne of money back. But liberals mean a strong economy, and troops in the places where they are needed; if our troops are pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan (who's to say Kev keeps his promises, he's a polititian), everything we've worked for would be lost. anyway, i think you've got good a point. cya!