Sunday, October 14, 2007

It makes me want to scream

Read the paper later? Seen the news? Talked to someone? EVERYONE 'knows' that Global warming and climate 'change' is a big problem - a problem we caused - and that we need to fix it.


Seriously, if people are just going to blindly believe Al Gore and all those stupid scientists that say we can fix what 'we caused' by just changing a light globe and planting a tree, thats their problem, but it makes me want to scream every time i see soemone express this ignorant view. All their 'evidence' is pretty dodgy. For one thing, when scientist, media etc cite that the biggest amount of greehouse gas is CO2, they're choosing to ignore the fact that water vapour really contibutes (dont cite this its not exact) something like 99.99% to greenhosue gases. I may be off by 1%. . .

And anyway, shouldn't everyone know that the amount of CO2 produced by our cars is nothing compared to the amount realeased naturally by the ocean and volcanoes? Walking to work for a day won't do anyone good - except your heart, maybe.

That's a short excert of my opinon on this matter, and not half of it is off my chest. And if you're thiking i'm not an Al Gore fan, you're right. Geez he needs to talk to some real scientists/people who know what they're talkign about. I close with a statement by Professor Patrick Michaels, Department of Environmental SciencesUniversity of Virginia and a link to a good site (i lost my other good site, otherwise you'd have two.)

Anyone who goes around and says that carbon dioxide is responsible for most of
the warming of the 20th century has not look at the basic numbers.

Above quote from
I can't be bothered to hyperlink it sorry, but definately copy and paste and chekc it out - it's awesome, especially as no one ever bothers to discuss the alternate side to this debate, the true side.

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Eric said...

u revived ur blog 2! lol so did i. lol i changed the adress tho. gosh i so agree i hate this global warming crap. there's so much evidence to suggest its false. its kinda like evolution/creationism though, people just want to belive what suits them. though i don't see how global warming suits... lol i hav a bad argument. o well.