Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today will go down in history as the day when Heath Ledger died. All very sad, but the headline of the Herald today was BLACK TUESDAY. So, just thinking out loud here, if Heath Ledger hadn't died, would it be known as Black Tuesday Two? I'm not saying this stock whatsimiggigy is going to turn into another depression (heck, i can hardly understand what exactly the articles pertaining to this event say is being affected), but actually i've forgotten my original point in trying to word those brackets. However, and i have possibly been affected by a section i read in my book ('Going Postal' - Terry Pratchett) today, everything affects what the future population will be reading about. I think the example of today was a very bad one, as the day will be remembered in different circles for different things BUT do you see my point? Actually, again thinkign outloud, i've just realised what a poor point this is unelss you take a wild, unlikely-ever-to-happen-example, such as the attempted assasination of the President of America (a cliche i know but i couldn't think of anything) by, of course, an American, or it would clash with my next point, being, the actual assaination of the president by a foreigner from a country without very close ties with America, whcihc results in WWIII (familiar anyone? Yes i know WWI). Surely the attempted assasination is forgoten next to the huge event that happens not logn after resulting inmuch worse consequences?
Anyway, wasted enough time speculating on bad points, later.


sejtraav said...

perhaps they could have thought of a better name for yesterday. If they keep putting "Black" in front of every day that a stick market falls dramatically, we'll soon run out of days! Black Thursday, Black Wednesday, Black Tuesday..
Maybe yesterday could have been "Terrible Tuesday" or "Crash Day" - anything more creative than "Black Tuesday"!

Eric said...

i just saw how he died on the arvo news. they cnt prove it was an accident. plenty of people will mix drugs. its obviously dumb. so he did it knowingly. and i dnt wanna sound tight, but i get the impression this is 1 of them celebrity deaths where no1 cares until they die. honestly...