Friday, April 11, 2008


As I write, the world turns, the stars burn and moon reflect sun, and on the other side of the world the sun shines dandy in the day time. Plates of the Earth's crust shift slowly and trees forever create our gaseous life source. Miraculous new life begins but down the street another life is snuffed out. Huge decisions are made by world leaders while others embark on a trip around the world.
And i sit and type on my computer. Thinking about the music playing in my ears, what word I'll type next, which book to read next and when i can move into my room. While i sit and shape words fruitlessly, achieving nothing but the small pleasure of having recorded my thoughts for others to see, the world moves and things happen.
Most of the time we're oblivious to it all. Selfish beings that we are, we're focusing on the miniscule portion of the world that belongs to our life. But for me, when i think about it, there's another reason.
It just blows my mind when i think of everything happening around the world - down to even the smallest things. In Russia paper is crumpled up and thrown in the bin in frustration while in Argentina a boy scores a goal and runs madly, happily about. Then there's just the simple matter of someone livign in another country. Knowing only Australia as i have for the memorable part of my life, sometimes i just get stumped at the fact that people live their everyday life somewhere else. Germany, the Middle East, rural America. I can see the country, yes, but that they see everyday in and out, living completely differently to me just baffles me. I honestly don't think our brain is able to hold all the thoughts i snatch at momentarily everyday, to their full extent, at the same time. As well as every other thought i have difficulty retaining everyday.
I think as a christian, its way too easy to get caught up in our own christian circle, whether it extends only to your city, state, maybe even coutnry. But i know for me, i have a great church, a great diocese, a wealthy and free country and it's all very easy. And that's when we forget the rest of our family, spread around the world, many of them living much more dificult lives, physically or spiritually, sometimes doing more to advance the gospel than i think i could ever hope for.
And as i come to round up this rambling post, i want to leave you with a thought that a sermon i heard once gave me. When we meet together in Christ's name, we join with all the christians all over the world, now, from the past, all christians.
That made me think "wow".

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Eric said...

i so totally agreeeeee... lol yea it hit me a while back how HUUUGE the world is n how really, there are so many people and im just one. GAHHH... and SOOO many people hav so little.. AND little people come and big ones go n GAH tiny little cells concieve little babys and then they hav billions of cells then GAH... insane.. =)