Thursday, November 27, 2008

My own psychology

We had a talk on, well supposedly atheism tonight at youthgroup, but mostly self-actualisation. And also you know the psychology surrounding it, and there was something about how our natural (and hence selfish) desires are right and morals etc should not be forced on us. So basically it's like, do whatever feels good without concern for others.
Then i thought....
If it's what feels good, it really doesn't feel good when others miff you in favour of themselves, like getting in first on the lollies or something. You think that what feels right/good is for them to offer them around first. This all falls through though when your the person that can 'get in first'. So there's the whole, "do unto others" thing, but only while you're being served which is a massive contradiction, or so i think, in which case, there is no right in what our natural desires want, because they conflict. That just shows the need for higher moral code, which i believe comes from God.

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Eric said...

too true. thing is, people don't seem to care - its what feels good for them and them only. the instant gratification nature of this world is, well, due to our sinful nature. i dont like the term 'natural', coz i think 'natural' can be found in God and his intentions for us. this is when we discover how things were meant to be (well, we come closer to it anyway). yeps.
cya 2morro mayb