Friday, November 28, 2008

Time for controversy!

I am going to do a little backflip and change/claryify my views. I think that with things that...oh what did i think the other day....If it is a big moral issue: i'm going to go out of my depth and use abortiona s an example. If it is a big moral issue like that, i mean people still have varying views and we can't change those, the person has a right to hold them (whether they be right or wrong, myself included) but everyone, i think in Australia at least, agrees murder is wrong, right? Evidenced by all the crime shows we watch. So if the government was letting hundreds of thousands of murders happen every year and they did nothing to stop it (i.e. it's not legal but they're not stoppign them) there woudl be outrage. I mean, imagine if they made those urders legal!
Now imagine this...(and i know the different arguments here, but hear me out) anequal number of babies being killed each year with no government intervention. I know that some argue about when it becomes a baby, but just think about it yeah? Got that, that many babies (i'm talking born): there owuld be absolute public outrage.
Now, because that human life is only a few months younger all of a sudden its cool, we're okay with it, not even a little concern. I just don't know how people can draw the line because, going back to self-actualisation, sort of, how would you like it if someone classed you as not human yet (at the moment i'm talking you're bron) and just decided to kill you for it? I'm guessing not that much (dont' say i wouldn't feel cos i'd be dead...). It's the same for you i'm sure before you're born. You are still you.
Personally, i just can't comprehend how people can take another's life, that's just something i don't think we can judge.


Eric said...

u kind of confused me... but i think changing peoples minds is sumtimes needed - we cnt just be hippies 'everythings cool man'. so when it comes to abortion, as christians we should be standing up for the uber many lives lost by legalised murder each year. is that wat ur sayin?
its late. im tired. i'll write back. later on belonging buddy =D

ps, i was gonna post this arvo (funny, on the same topic u did b4, and i was gonna do abortion too! copy cat -.-), but i cudnt get my thoughts clear, so i'll just write a bigger overall piece. then it'll make sense. lol cya!

joshua said...

dude,we had MASSIVE debate about this at uni the other was huge.and it was should have been there.uni rocks.
also,your blogs are good.pretty sure i agree with you on most points,all the major ones at least..;P.theres a few we differ one,but meh,wutevs.(that was the point of ur blog yeah?haha)