Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Found on BOS site:

Physicists think the world is made of atoms.
Biologists think the world is made of cells.
Musicians think the world is made of vibrations.
Painters think the world is made of lights.
Authors think the world is made of stories.


Eric said...

i like the first two. why? because they are proven and can be shown to be true. they ARE true. (strictly speaking not everything fits the second one)
the last three. well, the world contains them, but isn't made of them (that doesnt mean they are bad!!). that is all. =P

Stephen said...

even the first is not thorough.
protons and neutrons
-up quarks
-down quarks

quarks have several (if not infinite)lower levels inside them, as do electrons.

although, string theory says quarks and electrons are fundamental, and that they are tiny, vibrating loops of energy, and that these vibrations give them their properties. however, that would make the musicians right, and we cant have that:)