Friday, April 17, 2009

Kid Science

I was watching the today show (Australian one of course) about an hour ago and just had to write down somewhere what happened. They had this person on for home kids experiments you can do. Yes? First one was, you pour some milk onto a plate, place floating on the milk one of those plastic tags that you clip your bread with and then put a drop of, firstly food clouring and then detergent in the little hole. What happens? the plastic clip becoems a mini jet boat and gets propelled across the milk. Why? Milk is 99% water, or something like that, and "the water molecules like the bunch up close to one another, stick as close as they can, but the detergent isn't so keen on water: one end of it like water and the other doesn't." Now, chemistry buffs, isn't that a brilliantly simple way to explain polar atrtaction of molecules to kids? I thought it was cool. Of crouse then the end that doesn't like water is propelling the tag along. So yes.
The other experiement they did was to put hydorgen peroxide (H2O2) in a bottle, add detergent, food colouring and then yeast and put the pop top on, open. Then it becomes all foaming and oozing out of the bottle and looks awesome.
So that's my story for today. Kid's science, and a very good simplififed dicussing of polarity.

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