Monday, April 20, 2009

I put myself out there once again

I was just surfing the net in regards to Kirsten Birkett's books and stumbled across a blog which, in its own words is a critical review of all brands of Christians, Christianity and their writings, books, opinions, actions etc. So i read some of it, and then i wikipediaed Alistair McGrath's Dawkins' God and read Dawkins' comment on the book and I began to think, as I often do.
It's hard to express but, it often comes across that many secular scientists or people who are devotees (that's th only word i could think of) of science, hold the view there is SCIENCE and then there are christians trying to entirely undo all that science has achieved, to "cast doubt on the scientific method." It's as if they believe that the reconciliation of science with christianity is an impossible thing. There are scientists and christians, and they can't meet.
I personally feel that for many, science has, ironically, become a religion in itself. As so many scientists try to tear down the faith and absolute commmittment that christians have to God and ridicule this faith, they are at the same time expressing their own faith and total committment to 'Science'. Science is a blessing from God, a vehicle throughw hich we can explore the world he has made and be amazed by His amazingness. Whilst I fully recognise that everything I've said would not 'stand up to scrutiny' under reading by the kinds of people i'm discussing, it's just fofr me to order my thoughts. As I heard in a sermon recently, we can't 'logically' bring someone to faith in Christ. Better put, we cannot reason with them scientifically and when we finnish explaining say, "you can't refute the facts, believe!' It's not in you're head, it's in you're heart and it's not up to us to convince people, much as we may want to because we know that one day these people will one day be finally and tragically proven wrong.

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Eric said...

agreed. we have this discussion in bio alot - the benefit of having a minister as your teacher!
as great as science is though, there does come a point where christians have to step away from either the claims or demands it can bring. I would use evolution as an example, but many christians claimed God could have used it. (Personally, i think that's silly - evolution involves death, and death is a result of sin. so unless sin came from the first micro bacterial soup stuff, it doesnt work.)
but hopefully what im trying to say makes sense...