Monday, October 27, 2008

And the RTA Cops Some More Flack

I thought of something today, and it struck me that i finally have something to post about. havign spent the day at a driver safety day, it's really inevitable that my post escape the topic so here it is: L-plater hours and their effect on reducing accidents.
I don't feel like writing much, so my basic idea is that increasing the number of hours you drive for on your L's does nothing - unless your learning as you do about safety. See, for young people, having more experience won't make them safer, it will make them more confident and more likely to crash i reckon. As soon as kids are alone in a car or with friends, they'll drive stupidly, unless they know the dangers and have been confronted with the possible consquences.
SO basically i reckon it's been a waste of everyone's time to increase the number of hours to 120 - driving more does not equal driving safely. Instead, the RTA would probably do better to invest in mroe of the safe driving programs liek the one i and my classmates did today. That and more rules that are effective - like the one pasenger after 11pm or p platers rule. Maybe it should be extended? I dunno. But what i do know is that more than doubling the compulsory hours just means people will lie i think and won't fix much of the problem.
I mean really, I do 120 horus on my Ls. If you crash on your green P's you've probably done 120 hours by then too - has it helped at all? The main factor is the supervised driver, which will stop the kids being so stupid. The hours thus have no effect cz you can still be supervised for only a year if you get your hours done. I believe that if the RTA really wants to address this problem, kids shouldn't be able to drive alone until they're like 19 or so. Really that's the crux i reckon.

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thorium said...

i agree htat 120 is fair steep, but50 wasnt enuff.

also, not letting u drive alone until ur 19 is also a bit steep - maybe 18?

but then ppl may not get their licence until later. so maybe u should have to have ur Ls for 18 months or sumthing like htat..