Saturday, October 04, 2008

Books or Blogging?

Hi everybody, my name's a alyssa, and i'm the ghost blogger around here. It's interesting that all the blogs i'm part of/share an interest in (i.e. read) aren't being updated, ever. [Except for trifling facts cz that's easier] Well, i thought i'd just explain to you why the blogs aren't being updated - maybe you'll empathise.
Firsta nd foremostly, i'll explain myself away. Actually, i'll onlye xplain myself away - it'll probably answer for the others as well.

I'm Lazy
Yep, that's the number one unerlying reason. I can't be bother, because now i only spend 10 minutes a day on the computer (on average) and i can't be bothered to come up with a blog post, because i know there are much better and mroe worthwhile things i could be doing (primarily as no one reads this anymore). Some of these more worthwile things belnd into:
Shh I'm Reading
I enjoy reading more than blogging and these holidays i have about 10 books to get through. See where i'm coming from?
Exams and Study
I like to think exams kick-started this whole "not-blogging" thing, because a week before i simply didn't have time. That's when the computer lots its place in my life (which is very nice still thank you). BUT i think i probably would have stopped blogging anyway. Human nature and all that, eh Miss Marple?

So there you have it. My lame reasons for not blogging (except for reason two and three which i take as very valid, so really only reason one). Yes. Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays cz i sure am. I made cookies, and now i'm reading terry pratchett (which is always one of the best things about holidays). In fact, i think after these holidays, youc an probably only reasonably expect a post from me once a month at the most.
Good luck surviving Blog of a Girl.

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