Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Define: Generous

As it's now holidays i have the (luxury) of being able to watch day time television. So yesterday, in the ads of Mary Christmas (which was substantially better than today's christmas movie but thats another story) i saw a little bit of The Ellen Degeneres Show. (Forgive me if I know not how to spell her last name). And on these kinds of shows (i.e. Ellen, Oprah, you get the picture) they always give away stuff. Every episode. But yesterdays was a christmas giveaway so everyone in the audience got like 6 presents all worth $2000 U.S. Crazy hey? And I heard this guy make a pun of her name on the show once (Ellen de generous, get it haha?) but really, I think its...wasted money. Instead of giving people who are well off like that thousands of dollars worth of gifts, give it to charity. Give it to some people who would really appreciate it, cos there's a lot out there.
Don't get me wrong. I know that she gives money to charity often (so does oprah). Like she had the whole dunk for breast cancer thing, but...that doesn't really justify throwing more money at people who are rich enough on a global scale. Even though it's nto her money she's using to giev the stuff away so if she didn't get the crystal watches there woudln't be the stuff/moeny anyway....Whatever. Scattered thoughts are brilliant hey? its someone's money and someone should be putting it to much better effect.
So that's it for today. Short and sweet. Any longer and you'd be as annoyed as alyssa when she sees people waste money that could go to people who need it.

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