Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Voldy's not Gone!

This post is for any avid harry potter theorists. So, just briefly, with no discussion, I was wondering......
Harry has to destroy 6 horcruxes, and he's the seventh right? So....the night that Voldemort's spell rebounded from harry, and he didn't die, what happened then? Surely a part of him died and his hrocruxes kept him alaive and so he used one in GoF when he regained his body?
Also, then, how do you actually use Horcruxes? Do you "use them up?" so to speak, so that if Voldemort used one, Harry wouldn't have to destroy it because it's piece of soul was transferred to Voldemort? If that's right, Voldemort's soul was split into 9 pieces over time. Sort of. Or harry Destroyed a horcrux that was already dead, whihc we know didn't happen....don't we?
OR, i think i just struck gold, instead of killing the piece of soul, it just sort of ...transferred it to Harry for some reason. A period of ten minutes made me think about that more between gold and instead and its not actually gold, but helps explain only seven horcruxes.
Voldemort's not really dead!!! He has one bit of soul left!!!

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