Sunday, December 07, 2008

Musings...on People

I think that children really are amazing. You know, i don't think we give them enough credit. I'm talking kids under the age of 8. I mean, you see people atlk down to children all the time, in their (as i like to call them) "kids voices." Their pitch is a little higher, their voice a little more soppy, and the face takes on exaggerated expressions. And you know, when it's overdone, it really gets at me. (yes you can use a 'kid voice' just....not hugely. Dont treat a 4/5 yr old like a baby) Kids aren't stupid just because they're five years old, they can actually understand things.
Evidence: Protestants believe in the trinity (God the father son and holy spirit are seperate beings, but also one) and no one can actually understand this fully. I've heard heaps of analogies that try and get our heads around it but we just can't. So when at church i hear a 5 or 6 year old child say "but Jesus is God and God is Jesus! But that doesn't make sense..." i'm just amazed that they can know that already and be comprehending the magnitude of the idea to - some extent.
You can talk to a child as an equal. Just, think about it please and don't play down their IQ just because they're a decade or more younger than you.

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Eric said...

i refuse to adopt kids voice things. eew. i prefer to just treat them like a human. not that they arent, but you no wat i mean - as in how i wud treat any other human. yep.