Saturday, November 07, 2009

And 3.5 Months Later I Return Shame Faced....

So, last night I thought "hey, whatever happened to my blog?" and then "what happened to all those other blogs i visited?" Well in my mind they'd all ceased to exist as I'd recently forgotten about them amongst everything else in life that had made me busy. But everyone else's blogs were still there and mine was too, so i spent half an hour reading what I'd been writing to virtually no one for two years and I was like, "yeah, this is interesting." Then - wait, that's arrogant, cos it was me writing those things!
But (and here's my point), sometime I forgot it was me and it was this other person talking about everything that came into their head. Weird, actually, because once you're distanced from yourself by time its like you see that past self as a different person, in a sense. Well to me anyway. And you can learn again from them things you'd forgotten or note the things that have changed. And that is what I think is really interesting about journals and blogs, that whole 'other-person' aspect, that the present self sees in the past self because we're continually changing.
So my advice for today? Keep a journal, because that way you can remember the smallest detail from 4 years ago that you'd otherwise have forgotten. It's sweet. And you can read over your life and say, 'yeah, that was good.' haha, perhaps. In any case blogs/journals can be rewarding.
Also, as a side note, I realised I used to do quite a lot of thinking. I was a crazy kid. I'll try and do some more for you now that I have 3-4 months of holidays in which i'm unlikely to get a job! So, I'll read the paper or get inspired by quotes, or by Maxwell or Lamb. Yes....Maxwell physicists! I'll tell you more about him on Monday!

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Eric said...

i always sound so much smarter in my old posts! haha
good to see you back. i actually checked here this morning. how strange! nice new layout
i only use my wordpress blog now by the way...