Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't Worry, I'm still Infinately Fond of Trollope's Writing

So i read the other day on the net that you know a character is fully developed if the reader leaves thinking 'I wonder whatever happened to....' And I think we all actually know this. But never has this fact been used so tantalisingly by an author to me before today.
Let me explain.
About a month ago I finished a book called 'Barchester Towers', by Anthony Trollope. Now, apart from being comic genius this book has fully developed characters and is wholly engaging. So, I left and was like....hmm I wonder if those two had kids and whether.... But if Trollope had decided to present me with a lengthy and detailed list of later occurrences in the characters' lives I would undoubtedly hate him. So i was content with the book.
Then I decided to read the next in the series, 'Doctor Thorne' for those who may possibly be interested. This too is a good book, though not on quite a good a level as 'Barchester Towers.' So I was happy with it, despite the fact that it left the characters of the earlier book alone (see above reasons for not hating this).
Sorry for the length of explanation but here's the point. I got to the second last page of 'Doctor Thorne' and Trollope decides to casually mention that two of 'Barchester Towers's principle characters were invited to a wedding in 'Doctor Thorne' (did that make sense?). To make a slightly exaggerated comparison, it's as though J. K. Rowling wrote a story about a new wizarding family and on the last page casually mentions that they're good friends with Harry Potter, although he had been conveniently ignored for 498 pages.
And that has been the main occurrence of my day, so i thought I would share it with you, as we are due for a post here.
Good day!

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