Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur
- Doug Larson

The logic in this quote is slightly askew, but I like it all the same. Because it points to the bizarre nature of the English Language, which makes it rich and diverse and interesting. And reveals it's history.
How many languages in the world are as global as English, and reveal it by their pure existence? By the words that make it up? English is nearly almost everywhere, and its 'vocabulary' so to speak is a testament to this fact. The words of English are actually an amalgamation of words from all over the world - or at least, too many nations and languages to mention.
And this is why English 'doesn't make sense', why it is the number one most difficult language to learn according to my father, who says that that is according to the SMH. But, as we verge onto this territory, I would juts like to point you toward this post. Enjoy, I did (hence why I posted it).


sejtraav said...

Which is exactly why no-one can tell me how to pronounce a word based on how another similarly spelt word is pronounced!

By the way.... You are supposed to be down the coast. Or is this a sneaky timed/delayed post?

| : alyssa : | said...

Lol, got it in one. I love scheduling.