Sunday, June 10, 2007

All-American Microsoft

If your from anywhere that isn't America, type the word coloUr into Microsoft Word. Inevitably, a squiggly red line will appear under the word when you hit the spacebar. Right click on the word and a menu will pop-up that suggests you want the word color, no 'u'. You think, "No that's not what i meant," and go to change the default language. Later you type the word colour again and another red squiggly line appears. "NO!" you yell at the screen. "It's right! I spelt it right! It's you that has it wrong Bill Gates!! You can't even congfigure the stupid program to recognise another countrie's spelling of 'colour'!! Surely it's a simple thing to do!"
But apparently, it's not. That's right, even if you manage to survive a whole session in Word without a red line popping up, the next time you open the program, that little red worm will turn up whenever you spell a word correctly, or with an 's' instead of a 'z', and i just don't get it!! Please Gates, learn how to configure a program you wrote, please. It was save us all so much frustration. Or, you know, Americans could just spell the same as us, and while their at it switch to the metric system which makes much more sense. But that's a whole other story. For no, please do something about Word!!

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sejtraav said...

very frustrating indeed. i hate it even more when "auto correct" automatically changes your s's to z's or whatever, without giving you a choice. aghhh. You'ld think it would be alot easier to do something as simple as changing the dictionary language!