Saturday, June 09, 2007

How we are who we are

Have you ever stopped to wonder about how we got where we are today? I mean, yeah my great-great-grandparents came over some time. . . oh and you know that guy Gov'nor Arty Phillip? He brought over a bunch of ships back in the 1700s - might have come form a bunch of those people.
Nah, i'm talking about how we all spread out from wherever we orginated from - the Middle East, or wherever the garden of eden was, to get all over the world. Definately makes me wonder at people having any racist attitudes at all, when we all descended from the same people/things, whether you believe in evolution or religion. I mean it's fascinating just to think of the way countries were discovered and settled (sadly we Aussies were foudn to late to have any exciting history!) let alone how different races unfolded and were simlilarly, effectivly killed out (original central americans anyone??) and then moved to their different locations.
I've also wondered at Africa staying 'uncivilized' as we'd put it, while europ advanced and built castles and cool little gadgets. I mean it's weird, that the people were seperated and advanced at different rates, such that we now have 'developing' countries and 'developed' countries.
Now along wiht all that also goes the development of language which i personally take as incredibly interesting - not only the deveopment of different languages (which all originated at the Tower of Babel, but the way they changed is fascinating) but the evolution of languages within themselves. Anyway, just a small though and not have of my thoughts on the matter. Until next time.

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