Saturday, June 09, 2007

So I Admit. . .

Yes, alot of rain can be too much rain, as proven in the Hunter valley and along the Central Coast the last couple of days. A torrential amount of rain in only two days threw the area into a state of 'Natural Disaster' and it just goes to show that that ol' song was right. This is the land of droughts and flooding rains. We've been in drought for like ten years right? Then we get floods like this, and tomorrow our dams will be drying up again and we'll have forgotten what rain looks like. Well maybe not us but those poor people inland will have. Which leads me to say, i'm glad to see some of this rain has gotten into our dams. Admittadly, last i heard warragamba has only gotten 30mm, but hey, that's something! Well, I guess that's it. Disappointed that soccer was cancelled for all this rain but we needed it and it did give the news something to talk about for a couple of days, so be thankful any fell at all and pray for those people up in the Central Coast. Later.

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