Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Frustrated Lament - Take What you Will

People get upset over the most insignificant things.
I'm not going to come up with examples because the list would be humiliatingly short, but its true!
Who cares if you get less than you expected on that test?
Who cares if the national team loses a match?
Who cared your favourite book was mad einto a bad movie?
Really, everyone just needs to get over it. Oh i'll admit i need to too, no claim to righteousness here, but seriously.
The world needs to get over itself - there's things more important than money and fame.


cursoryglance said...

good point - there's some really really bad things happening in the world today but all to often we're too concerned with the small inconveniences of life to see the massive atrocities.

Eric said...

however, there is a difference to waking up and getting over yourself, than not liking something.

you can't force yourself to enjoy something you're just not cut out for

or a dodgy book --> movie job (*cough* harry potter *cough*,well, the stuff they didnt put in)

You really need to listen to "Good Excuse" by JBT, it fits RIGHT into this post... you'd like