Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Story:

How did they know which way to move,when to fling up a hand, when to spin, when
to jump? When to look into their “partner’s” eyes, when to look at the floor?
There was nothing written down, did it accord to some chord change or eight bar
measure that I, in my hot discomfort And pop illiteracy simply could not hear?

-Stephen Fry on dancing
Last night i listened to Stehen Fry's second podgram, which you can read here (hopefully that link works...). Anyway, the point of this very short post is that Stephen Fry is a very funny man and i suggest you either read or download one of his podcasts. See, normally ilisten to audiobooks or podcasts while i do my maths homework, but i can't listen to Stephen Fry because he distracts me so much and i end up just sitting there laughing.
Plus, in the one i listened to yesterday he talks about Pride and Prejudice for minute :)
So yes, that's my recommendation for the day.

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