Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Unpredictable Maths??

Today i stumbled across (albeit it "accidentally-on-purpose" - but in a much deeper sense than any kid had ever used it) this little piece of fact on reference.com (under the topic "controversy")

Benford's law of controversy, as expressed by science-fiction author Gregory
Genford in 1980, states "Passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real
information available."

So, you know i was thinking:
a)How true, how true - generally
b)Mathematical models can be applied to psychology (because that's what I'd categorise this little nugget of "wisdom" as)??
My answer to the latter question is


Because, well, human nature is unpredictable. You can't generalise a statement like that for all personality types. Some may be very contained and polite. Of course then you could argue that it simply refers to inward passion in the least - which would be comparative to other amounts of "passion" a person feels during their life - and that "polite" people are simply very good at containing tempers.
But no, i think there are people with mild characters, hence less inward passion. But the comparative thing keeps coming back at me - surely there's an issue over which someone would get heated up about? and comparative to other things it's a greater amount of passion - but i still think you can't apply maths to human nature - but I don't want to critique the quote too much, becaus ei actually think it's clever.
This, while we're on the topic (or more rather I'm on the topic), puts me in mind of a book, which i haven't read, but do know this much about: this guy gets dumped and tries to develop a formula to predict who will end a relationship and when. For your own satisfaction i will tell you that the book is called "An Abundance of Katherines" and is written by John Green (much as it would have delighted me to see some people's frustration over not knowing...)
Sorry about the probably abundance of unnecessay quotation marks littered throughout this post, but i had a thing for them today.
So does Wollognong hospital for that matter.

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