Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ah the Quiet of a Library

Right now I’m sitting in the school library pondering the great military leader and emperor that was Napoleon Bonaparte. It’s quite interesting really, but I don’t want to bore you. I mean, I’m taking a break form it! (Mostly ‘cos my eyes were getting tired, you know when that happens? Maybe it’s just me…) Anyway, so I was thinking about what to write to guys about and as I was just thinking about Bonie and his devious ploys to grab power, I was thinking about power. And seeing as how we’re studying power in English too, well I figure, give your lucky little readers a monologic discussion on power.
I find it quite fascinating to look at the way people gain power. Mostly its by getting into another’s/group’s good books and then seizing power and doing what you want. Take for example Napoleon. He worked his way up the military ladder, proving that he was absolutely brilliant at what he did. Once he was there, he staged a coup (not along the pre-defined lines above but we’ll get there), sort of like on Sea Patrol II, the coup, and then worked a new constitution where he ended up with the most power (out of the three man strong executive) and, here’s where we get it, asked the people what they thought. He asked the people what they thought about him being Consul for life too, and emperor. But, here’s where i think out and realise something else/
Napoleon gained power first under the pretext of civilian approval, but really he scared some people into it by making the votes public (i.e. not secret, and if you voted non you just knew the police would harass you later). Or it was a mix of the too. He also censored the press so his image was preserved and to limit opposition.
So there’s what you learnt about Napoleon today. Sorry, despite my previous statement it was really inevitable you learn.
Now in 1984, by George Orwell, we don’t really find out how the Party gets into their position of power, but I assume it was by much the same method, except, you know, no coup. So, let’s imagine here, they’re a party yes? Then, noting the absence of a democratic process in 1984 society, and the non-existence of other parties, I’m led to assume that they once were a party – a commie party. They get voted in, slowly collect power, and here’s the cool bit, maintain power. Despite how utterly depressing the book was, I thought the concepts actually were interesting, but Georgie boy really should have just written an essay :). They essentially, I believe, maintain power by controlling thought (no, not really, by controlling everything, but this is the important one). And they control thought through language. I thought that whole concept was quite intriguing. How did Orwell think that up? I mean, once your exposed to the concept, you see it would probably work. No words to express thoughts? Well you can’t think them, just grasp in a frustrated manner at the fleeting thought and give up cz its too hard. I dunno, read the book, its cool.
Finally, Othello. I didn’t really want to talk too much about this, just confide a great discovery I made the other day that relate quite directly to the Shakespearean play.

Svengali: A person who, with evil intent, tries to persuade another to do what is desired.

Except the definition I had even more fully described Iago the villain. I must say I liked Iago. Oh he’s evil and maybe I just liked the voice on the tape, but he’s an intelligent character too. You have to admit, he’s clever. He, like Napoleon, works his way into favour with Othello and then EXPLOITS him.

And that’s my story all. Not really what I said it would be but, wasted 20 minutes. Farwell.


cursoryglance said...

a few question:
why and how were you doing this at school? im sick of everyone and their abundance of free periods! except hayley lol.
second: "..I was thinking about what to write to guys about..."? why are you writing to guys? perhaps you missed a word there.

| : alyssa : | said...

Lol You just needed to pick ext english! Then you too could have the temptation to bludge for a period and write to your blog friends. :)

Sorry, i missed the word you. You obviously figured as much. :)