Monday, July 21, 2008

Because it's Been a while...

I have several things to share today. Note that the use of the word several just means i haven't counted/worked it out yet. Lets count as we play shall we? (I feel obliged to tell you that they're all quotes. As of late i have had no original thought for posts, and the extensive reading i've carried out has given me plently of quotes to share. So i thought i would).

1) "There is a story of Auberon Herbert – I do not know whether it is true or not,
but I do not mind connecting it with his name ... which I always recall with a
sense of satisfaction and encouragement. He was staying in his country home, and
some visitors were announced. He received them with perfect good manners, and,
after a cordial welcome, he said to them, ‘And now what would you like to do? –
we are reading.’"
- Viscount Grey, ‘The pleasure of reading’

2) "Lu-Tze, who was not holy and therefore could think unholy thoughts, occasionally wondered whether the chanting monks were chanting anything, or were just going ‘aahaaahahah.’ You could never tell with that echo."
- T.Pratchett, 'Thief of Time'

3) "‘Dojo! What is Rule One?’
‘Do not act incautiously when confronting little bald wrinkly smiling men!’
‘Good rule, Rule One,’ said Lu-Tze."
- T.Pratchett, 'Thief of Time'

4) "‘You read a lot,’ said the behatted kvetch indicating the two novels he had open. He nodded, because there was no denying it and because he didn’t want to put up the ante or a conversation.
‘Books aren’t life.’
‘No, they’re better,’ he replied and flipped through the thirty – two library cards in his wallet to remove his one credit card to pay."
- Tibor Fischer, ‘Bookcruncher’

That post was really just for me. Im sure you'll think it's boring. Oh well, is it not written, "such is life?" (Anyone i know, anyone read any of the Discworld series?)

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| : alyssa : | said...

Because seriously, you have to. Sorry to quote it everywhere but its a great series.

Read it!!