Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Now Im Batman

Christian Bale has the same birthday as me.

Is it just me or is hat more worthy of a trifling facts post. I thought about it, but its too....random for trifling facts. You know, there is a line with that blog, however thin it is, it exists and i know what it is, but ..... okay totally just backstabbed myself.

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Eric said...

i'd swear i told you that about a year ago... coz he's pretty much my fav actor. sik
and im REALLY annoyed that heath ledger is gettin so much attention at the moment. honestly, he's dead, move on, and look at this movie as a movie, not some suicide note. Some of us aren't so obsessed with teenage heartthrobs, and care about the other 4 (ah-some) actors in the movie.
anyway, did you know he speaks like a new york jew??!!!!!!! probably the most annoyin accent in the entire world.