Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ooo I feel and essay coming on...

Does anyone else miss the imagination they had as a child? I never really thought of myself as having much of one, even as a young child, but when i think about the games i played with my invisible friend and the way my house and backyard could become somewhere else for a while, i start to think i had more of an imagination than i gave myself credit for.
Now, in the holidays, i get bored and (strangely for me) lonely much quicker, and i think that i just made the connection. I used to be able to go and 'seek comfort' as it were with some made up friends, and they were all i needed to have fun. But, well, its not like i engage in the active story-games of the imagination any more.
Instead, i can now live vicariously in the holidays and seek comfort in the imaginary characters of books.

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