Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Little Knowledge Along With the Ramblings Today

Unfortunately, nothing big enough has happened around about the 23rd of July for Google to make a logo out of it, s i couldn't just steal an idea off them.
I had to go looking for something. And i found it. An interesting little fact that i can discuss monologue-ically.
On the 23rd of July, 1829, William Burt patented the typographer, which was the first typewriter.
And i thought, 'Oh.' You see at first i was going to skip over ti but then i went
'Wow...maybe if he hadn't invented it, i wouldn't be typing on the same keyboard right now. Like I'd be a keyboard, sort of, just not really a keyboard. You know?'
Ah but then an argument i think I've heard elsewhere popped into my brain. It said, 'Don't be daft! [interesting etymological roots for the word daft you know]. Someone else would have invented the typewriter, obviously. This, William Burt just got in first! Course their typewriter would have been maybe slightly different, but history finds a way, doesn't it?'
You see, if Edison hadn't invented the light bulb [or one of those other hundred of things he invented] someone else would surely have seen a need for an item that emitted electrical light fr as long as you needed it [no matter if it took a different form than the light bulb, per say].
And as this is a confusing subject, i now have to stop. But just stop, every July 23rd, and remember that on this day in 1829 William Burt patented the first typewriter and helped us all to an easier way of life in some way or another.

Also remember this:
Ont he 23rd of July, 1914, Austria-Hungary issued an ultimatum to Serbia following the killing of Archduke Francis Ferdinand by a Serb assassin. The dispute led to World War I.
This ultimatum was quite unfair. Poor Serbs, they just wanted independence. Plus you know, it was just an individual! come on Austria, it at least wasn't proven that the government had anything to do with it. Who would be that stupid [i mean in governmental terms, obviously the individual who's name escapes me was] Wait, lots of governments are that stupid. Stupid, Alyssa!

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