Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Perculiar 'Nostalgia'

Have you ever felt like you wanted to lived in another time? Ever seen a movie, or read a book, and just wished you could travel back in time? I have. I like to call it my nostalgia-for-a-time-I've-never-experienced - "older than i could ever be." I realise that i just completely rewrote the definition of nostalgia, but who said a little bit of poetic licence wasn't in order here?
My point is to be, though, apart from longing to live then, i build up a fantastical little world centred on that period and it is perfect, whilst i never consider the downside of living then. When i do think these things though, my little fantasy world comes crashing down and the whole matter depresses me, so that i declare never to think of the bad things, but only the good. The fact that i can never live then anyway also procedes to destroy my lovely imagingnings until i am forced to create another entirely fantastical world revovling around my own time - which is not nearly as nice, so i abandon it and decide i am through with considering what could have been if i had lived in Canada at the turn of the century. . . Of course, i don't go quite as far as all that, but really, up until 'depresses me' it was all completely true - what came after was but a mix of truth and lies, excpet for the last line.
But of course, i suppose what i am trying to say is that, when perfect little, dare i say it, hopes are torn down, it can hurt an awful lot. And anybody with my problem, learn to live for today!
Because it is a bit of a strange one =) (or am i wrong?)

We must be careful of the reputation we build for ourselves, for it may prove difficult to pull down.

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