Thursday, November 01, 2007


It seems i hvae run out of my excellent topics for blogging for the moment. I have no more of the world to ponder. Well no that's a lie, because i have SO MUCH of the world to ponder i wish i could devote my time solely to it. But i have nothing i want to bore you with, because i've given you brief run down on most things i wish to share.
While i'm here though, aren't children excellent? So innocent and cute. 3-7 year olds are particularly sweet. Just an example . . . how would you draw blessing? I wouldn't have the faintest idea, but a little girl i know just drew a big heart. I thought that epitomized it so well. Well, that's my thought for today. Not very exciing, i'm working on something else though. . .you'll see. For the time being:

Move onwards and ever forwards my bodacious, Jim-dandy, Top-notch, Cracking, Spiffing, Buffo, Excellent Friends


Anonymous said...

naawww that's so cute. By that i'm referring to the little girl drawing a heart for blessing as like you, i too would have been stumped if asked to draw that.

Eric said...

we get buddies next year! i hear we get a prep kid, who stays our buddy in yr 12 as well. pretty awesome. didnt u make sum little girl cry??? hehe. feel guilty. lol. i luv the littluns, theyre awesome.