Monday, November 26, 2007

In the Words of . . . Someone, Meh

Okay so yeah, Kevin Rudd got elected. Prime Minister elect (that title really makes me laugh, simply because president elect sounds better, anyway) as he now is. So anyway, i don;t really care what you think, you won't change my opinion and it doesn't really matter anyway. I like what my minister had to say about it last night. He had three points.
One, we need to respect John Howard for his long service to the country, not just as Prime Minister, whatever our political views.
Two, we need to honour the incomign government and respect it, whatever our political views.
Three, we are belssed to have the opportunity to vote for our leader at all, and at that, either way our country will be pretty stable.
So, although i'm happy with the elected government (yes i do believ i may be a labour supporter! Shock horror), i do respect what John Howard and his government did for the country.
NOW we need to move on and get over the whole thing, me included!

So, what did you get up to on the weekend??

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Eric said...

i thought i was a labor supporter 4a while. i got over it. nowadays, i cnt b bothered bout parties. tho, sandy is right, big deal. but i can b bothered about the greens, 7! and the socialist alliance. eew. lol cya!