Friday, November 09, 2007

It's flat, damn flat

Yep, that's our accent for you. So flat, apparently, it lets us mimic other accents that just can't pull off ours. And you know what, it makes me proud.
The fact that there was an hour-long program last night dedicated to looking at the way our accent has developed over 200 years just fills me with good old Aussie pride. And i have to say how annoyed i was at everyone who used to think it was such a horrible accent to listen to; it's bloody beautiful, as some would say. Another programme we were mentioned on for, i dunno, 15 minutes, also made me go, yeah Aussie getting footage! See, anyone from a country that's not a major player globally (by which i mean America and Britain!) has to appreciate it when their country gets mentioned somewhere. (Specially a country lost halfway around the world) I mean, i don't reckon guys from, especially, America would understand, because their everywhere! But when i see an Aussie actor i go "yes! We are awesome, more awesome than Americans, prove it for us!" You might think I'm crazy, but there you go.
And, going back to accents, as much as i love hearing the occasional American word that just sounds . . . nice, i could not stand that accent all the time, sorry. Words like 'horizontal' and 'interview' pronounced by a Californian are cool, cos they miss the 't', and i can listen to a New Yorker (the two extreme accents, i.e. street drawl and Fran's mum speak) for a while and laugh at them, but the constant 'stupid' (which, pronounced by an American just epitomizes the whole word's meaning), 'news' and dare i say 'tuna' would just get on my nerves SO MUCH, because, it's not STOO-pid (which is what we Aussies say when we want to sound it), but STEW-pid. That's of my chest now.
But seriously, whenever Australia is mentioned in a foreign text (including TV & Movies) i just go yes, that's my country. We are the ones who are known as the relaxed country etc etc, and that just gets to me in a way i can't express with words (which isn't an uncommon phenomenon) Everyone should have some experience with an Aussie or Australia. Of course, i don't want to sound arrogant, but really, where the bloody hell are ya?

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