Monday, November 12, 2007

Yet Another Poem . . .

Yes i seem to have taken a liking to them lately don't I? Well, in ten minutes, here's a poem:

Exams, yes exams
Oh what misery you bring
My mind cannot retain even one more thing
When i think i have seen your end
You throw one more just around the bend
And as take up more papers to study
I know i can learn no more of Jack Mundy
And I hope that this will be the last
When i know that this lot will but cast
Some more light on future Exams, yes exams

I hate you

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

pretty good poem. the ending of 'i hate exams' just completes it so well. seriously, i can full feel the change of mood in that last sentence. lol. yep. thats all i got to say. just thought i'd make you feel loved by commenting your blog :D