Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I just discovered this little gem of a poem i wrote on the 6 december 2005, and i thought to myslef, why not share it. You guys have coped with all my terrible poems so here's my acrostic poem on insects.
  • Incessantly buzzing around my head
  • Never ceasing to beat its tiny wings
  • Slaters, flys, mosquitoes, cockroaches
  • Exceeding my patience
  • Cowardly it flees from my prescence
  • Terrified it escapes my wrath
And what's more i just realise how stupid i was two years ago, spelling the plural flies with a y and sticking an extra c in presence (actually that is something i'd do today).

Find it at www.seek.com.au Your Future Starts Here. Dream it? Then be it!

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Eric said...

thats so cute, u wrote a poem bout an insect. lol. cute, hmm i think that word is more 4 use by girls. lol whateva. neway, my point. i got this 1 off a podcast, bout ninjas


hehe i laugh. all i hav 2 say. cya round