Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Load of Claptrap

Is our 'contirbuting' to global warming. Is global warming being a problem. Is the Greenhosue effect causing global warming. Is climate change a problem. Yep, all a load of complete and utter claptrap. And it greives me to see a world so misled by scientists who ar enot climatologists professing it all to be true. But alas, i am not one either, and i am not one known for expressing my thoughts the best way possible and always gettign it right. No, i shall leave it to the webistes below to convince yout hat global warmng warmign is part of a cycle in climate change and the greenhosue effect keeps us form freezing to death and that, low and behold, carbon has a cycle,a dn doesn't stay int he atmpsphere al the time! Yes, i may have got some minor details wrong just then, which is why i urge you to go to these sites!

I bid you good day.


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