Thursday, January 03, 2008

What is a Classic? is it a tune or a timeless piece of writing? Or a catch?

What is love? Is it a fancy or a feeling? Or a Ferras?

- Marianne Dashwood, sense and sensibility movie

Ahh Sense and Sensibility. Pride & Prejudice. North & South. Wuthering Heights. Persuasion. Jane Eyre. The movies and books alike are some of my favourites. and they are 'classics'

Where would the world be without classics? Moby Dick. It teaches us about obssession - or so I've heard. Oliver Twist. It's about a poor boy right? These are all Charles Dickens . . . well, Piano Man? Nice song, everyone knows it. Harry Potter? Sure to go down as one. James Bond. The thing about classics is, every knows the name, even if they don't know the tune or the story line - but mostly people do. This is just a train of thought but, why is it that there were so many classic books from the 19th century, but no so many after? And there's so many classic songs from 2, 3, 4 decades ago but i'm quite sure not so many will be made in my generation. And how cool would it be to go down as the author of a classic. For everyone to know your name or your works name . . .

And that's my thought for the day/week/fortnight/month/year (depending on my next update).

Have a nice day.

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Eric said...

1. it takes a while for a book 2 become a classic
2. alot of modern music sucks. nt all lol. however, old music was sum real changing stuff, it shaped music.
3. u gotta b dead b4 ne1 cares hehe

so yep. thats wat id say. its a tricky thing tho ay. hp shud b a classic tho. newayz, cya sumtime