Friday, January 04, 2008

Like I Always Say: Minority Wins

We can't ignore the blood just because it's a minority, can we Foreman?
- Dr. House, House M.D

So is this to be my phase? Quoting things I've heard in the day and writing down my train of thought as a post? I think so! Anyway, i have just now thought how strange it is that everyone is trying for equality and no racism and yet, particularly in reference to equality here, we use terms like minority. Yeah, so minority sounds nice but why can't we just say . . . African Americans, etc etc, or am i just reading something into this that isn't there? Are groups we term minorities really minorities? Maybe that's what I'm really thinking. Are they not that much of a minority and yet we still apply this term to them, because deep down we harbour feelings of superiority to other races? Or is it not a result of unaddressed racism, but simply ignorance, in thinking only of that race in terms of their population in one country? whereas, maybe we should be thinking of global population. Then i think we wouldn't really have as many minorities, if we're thinking, Caucasian, African, Asian and large groups like that. Well, this is my new thing i think, pick a quote and see what i can make of it. That's my musings for today, have a nice weekend.

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