Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Currently: Philosopher's Stone

I've begun reading all seven Harry Potter books again for the holidays - I start to miss them after a while. So this is just a heads-up: harry potter quotes may start randomly popping up as posts, because I've come across one I love and want to share.
It's probably not a good idea to read them all before the movie comes out, I know. It's usually a better idea to have nothing to do with the books for a year so you've forgotten the details, but like I said, I miss them. And I'm determined that missing out details/changing significant parts of the plot/making up things/casting characters wrong won't bother me anyway. I'm past all that: as long as we finally get an epic battle at Hogwarts, I'll be content.

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Tina H said...

I am not Order of the Phenoix. This is about the 5 time reading them! I love to read the books before the movie comes out!