Saturday, June 26, 2010


I spent a few hours this week putting together a slideshow of photos for my grandma's 80th today, and it was really interesting! I've only really known her from her mid-60s on, so it was really cool to get a look into when she was young, had little kids and all that. Weird to see my dad as a little boy with ears that stuck out as well! Haha.
My grandma has a twin sister, and when I showed the slideshow to mum, I'd say for a few photos, 'not sure who any of those people are but grandma is there so...' And mum would say, actually that's her twin sister. And all those people are her other sisters and their husbands, or pop's relatives. And it's like....those people are actually quite closely related to me but I had no idea some of them existed! So all in all that task was worth it.

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