Friday, June 25, 2010

Ok so I'm sorry about all the Harry Potter posts and I promise I won't bore you with many more, but I had to post this.
The Scene: Dumbledore, Fudge and 'Moody' are discussing the disappearance of Senior Barty Crouch. Fudge throws a subtle insult at Madame Maxime and Dumbledore simply says he believes she is a very able Headmistress. Directly following is...
The Problem: 'Dumbledore come!' said Crouch angrily.
Say who? Crouch just popped up! [Crouch should be Fudge in this instance] That's handy, their conversation can now come to an end. It's odd because I've never heard this typo mentioned before and it's actually quite an amusing one.
And that was a little event from my day. Hope you enjoyed.


Tina H said...

well, dang now I have to go home and look fot that typo!!! LOL

No I am not bored with your Harry Potter posts. I am reading them right now also. Almost done with book 5.


alyssa said...

Ha ha, yep, it's worth it.
Oh wow thanks. That makes me feel better. I'm a book behind you then, about to start number five. And I will still post, can't avoid it, I have to tell people what I think when I read them!